Learn how to have a Noticeable body transformation in 8-12 weeks

I'm Simon, health & fitness writer, Certified Nutrition Coach (Pn1) and repeat offender for a bulk or cut phase.

^^ This latest transformation took 9 weeks.

During that period I did a moderate amount of cardio, never starved myself and even went on 4 heavy nights out... Having had 10 too many Wray & Nephew's in the process (if you know about Wray, you know!).

My point?

Body transformations don't need to be difficult.

As long as you follow a plan 90% of the time it's harder to not see results!

You can have a social life, enjoy some cheat meals, have a few drinks and still see amazing progress.

There's no secret training plan or diet.

People who use transformation coaches are paying for the accountability, not the information.

Therefore, I want to create a free resource that you can also use to have accountability and see long term changes in your physique.

I've been on bulking and cutting phases for 15 years and now I want to show as many people as possible how easy it can be to transform your body when you keep it simple and consistent.

No crash diets, no poverty carbs and not spending endless hours on the treadmill.

Disclaimer - I do LISS cardio, it's easy and I do the bare minimum 🤷

Just a simple and easy to follow plan. The key is to just stick to it.

It takes 2 weeks for you to feel changes, 4 weeks for you to start to notice changes and 8-12 weeks for everyone else to notice.

In my weekly newsletter "The Weekly Check-In" I show you the exact process I go through during a body transformation process.

This is so you can copy what I'm doing and just change it slightly to suit your needs - Don't worry, I'll let you know how to do that too.

If you've wanted to transform your body (and your life) but don't know where to start then you can expect to see:

  • How to set your starting calories and macros
  • How to easily make adjustments each week
  • How much cardio to do along with daily steps
  • Example training plans
  • Weekly progress updates

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