Bodies By Byrne is a website aimed at helping people develop their physiques and improve overall body composition.

Whether you’re the person that in the past has struggled with dropping a jean size or you’re at the other end of the spectrum and struggled to fill out the sleeves of your t-shirt then this site is the resource for you.

All of the content is dedicated to one thing and that is making sustainable lifestyle choices to improving your physique whether you want to build muscle or burn fat.

The core aim of Bodies By Byrne is to produce content that will give you all the tools needed to improve body composition.

You’ll have access to resources that will calculate your calorie and macronutrient requirements, articles that will help you make sustainable habit changes within your lifestyle for long term physique development and exercise tutorials to optimise your training sessions.

I’ve always been into sport and was physically active as a kid, I’d go to school early to play basketball, do cross country after school and would then be up early on weekends for football and more basketball.

While I was physically fit it wasn’t until I got my first set of York dumbbells aged 15 that it became apparent to me that I had absolutely no muscle mass!

I had no aspirations to get big but one thing that I instantly enjoyed was the process of lifting weights to build muscle. I bought some more home weights to make my bedroom into a mini gym and joined the local community centre gym.

Between my home and the local gym I was subjected to minimal equipment but read so much on the T-Nation website that I worked on the basics and made progress.

After a few months of training I soon learned that I had awful genetics when it came to building muscle, at 6’1 with long limbs and a small bone structure I was not well suited to weight training.

Enjoying the process however meant that over the years I learnt a bit more, trained a bit harder, dieted a bit smarter and eventually built a significant amount of muscle mass for my physique.

The above ^^ was the process from starting out and trying to lift heavy weights that I couldn’t handle whilst curling on a far too regular basis, to following a program that focused around progressive overload, mechanical tension and hitting my daily macronutrient requirements.

I’m not an expert in physique development but I have read a significant amount from the experts and gone through the transformation process myself which lead me to the health and fitness industry.

Simon Byrne from Bodies By Byrne 8 week cutting body transformation

My background and qualifications in this industry are varied, I’m a certified Nutritionist (Precision Nutrition Level 1) and Level 3 Fitness Instructor specializing in nutrition and supplementation.

I have also been a content producer for some of the UK’s leading supplement companies for the last 8 years, These have included being a regular contributor for Myprotein, Bulk Powders and more recently an Ambassador for GoNutrition.

My primary focus has always been to put out relatable content for physique development and while the majority of my time is spent building Bodies By Byrne into an online resource I still spend some time producing content for the supplement industry.

Below is some of the content I’ve produced in recent years: