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Can You Dry Scoop Creatine

Can You Dry Scoop Creatine? Yes, but Don’t Do It…

A recent trend to hit social media is dry scooping supplements. 

It’s an Instagram/TikTok trend that’s kind of gotten out of hand. What was initially done for entertainment by fitness influencers has now been confused with a legitimate way to take powdered supplements. 

This has mainly been done for pre-workout powders but we’ve also seen other supplements now enter the “dry-scoop challenge” zone. Therefore, you might be wondering can you dry scoop creatine, and are there any benefits or potential risks?

What Is Dry Scooping

Dry scooping is when you consume a powdered supplement without mixing it with a liquid. The process involves scooping the powder directly into your mouth and swallowing it dry. This is done to feel the effects of a supplement quicker as dry scooping can lead to quicker absorption.

This is a trend that started with pre-workout, however, it’s since been adopted with other supplements and is done partly for entertainment purposes (some of the reactions are amusing) but also because there’s now an unjustified opinion that dry scooping supplements are more beneficial than dissolving them in a liquid.

In fact, the opposite is true and experts are saying that dry scooping certain supplements can actually be harmful and they are warning against this action. 

Can You Dry Scoop Creatine?

You can dry scoop creatine but it’s not recommended. Creatine is best consumed when fully dissolved in a liquid. As creatine is an osmolyte, it draws water from surrounding areas. If you dry scoop creatine you risk severe stomach cramps as creatine will draw water from your gut and surrounding area.

I’ll repeat myself a bit in this article but it’s because dry scooping creatine provides no benefit. While there is nothing to say that you can’t dry scoop creatine, that also doesn’t mean that you should do it. 

Can You Dry Scoop Creatine With Water

Some people think that dry scooping creatine followed by drinking water is a good solution but this will have no benefit in terms of absorption or effectiveness of the supplement. 

Dry scooping and adding water afterward – essentially meaning your mouth will act as a shaker not only defeats the purpose of dry scooping but it just makes taking the supplement more complicated. 

Supplements have recommended serving suggestions for a reason, if the most efficient way to take creatine was to dry scoop it, the label would tell you to do so!

Is Dry Scooping Creatine Bad for You?

Dry scooping creatine isn’t necessarily bad for you but it is likely to cause some unwanted side effects. Firstly, creatine is a substance that rapidly absorbs water which means as soon as you go to dry scoop it, you’ll find it sticking to any moist area – which is essentially your entire mouth and throat!

Now, the recommended single serving of creatine is 3g – 5g which isn’t much. It will definitely cause some discomfort when trying to dry scoop it and there could be a small risk of choking (or difficulty breathing) as it gets stuck in your throat but this isn’t the main concern. 

The main issue with dry scooping creatine is that it’s supposed to be dissolved before consuming it. There are no benefits to dry scooping creatine. 

While the benefit of dry scooping a pre-workout could be that it enters the bloodstream quicker so that you get the “kick” as fast as possible, creatine works in a different way. Creatine is stored in skeletal muscle and is used to aid muscle recovery and increase energy (through ATP production).  

When supplementing creatine, you want to build up your body’s stores to the maximum capacity so you need to fully absorb the supplement. This is done by fully dissolving creatine in liquid before consuming it

If you don’t fully dissolve it, creatine will instead pull water from your stomach and surrounding tissues once you’ve consumed it. This will lead to both cramping and bloating.

Dry scooping creatine will also leave residue on your teeth and many experts have noted that this will lead to plaque and cavities – not to mention it’s wasteful because you’re not actually absorbing it.  

What to Do Instead of Dry Scooping Creatine

My obvious suggestion is that you should fully mix your creatine with a liquid before consuming it. If you’re dry scooping creatine for a TikTok challenge or because you think it’s a “cool” thing to do, there isn’t really a solution other than to say don’t do it. 

If, however, you are dry scooping creatine because it’s more convenient as you can’t get creatine to dissolve normally then I have some much better suggestions. 

Firstly, opt for a creatine pill if you need a more convenient form of supplementing creatine. Creatine powder is definitely the cheaper option which is why most people use it but creatine in pill form still provides the same dose of creatine per serving. 

This means that if you’d prefer to just instantly consume your creatine rather than trying to mix it, the best option is to just get a creatine pill. 

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Creatine is flavorless but people still struggle to dissolve it in water and this can lead to a gritty residue that no one likes. To better supplement creatine, dissolve it in warm water or have it with a protein shake. 

Final Thoughts

Dry scooping supplements is a trend and hopefully one that doesn’t last long!

Dry scooping creatine is one of the worst trends because it doesn’t actually serve any benefit. In fact, dry scooping creatine is the least effective way to consume the supplement. 

For maximum absorption, you should be fully dissolving creatine in a liquid before consuming it. Dry scooping will lead to wastage, a potential choking hazard, stomach cramps, and will ultimately be a waste of time and money. 

If you’ve seen the challenges and are thinking about dry scooping creatine, save your time and take it the way the manufacturer recommended. 

Spoiler – no manufacturer recommends dry scooping.

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