Simon Byrne

Simon Byrne is a Health and Fitness writer, producing content for the supplement industry for the last 6 years with a focus on improving body composition. He is a certified Nutritionist through Precision Nutrition (PN1), a Level 2 Fitness Instructor and owner of Bodies By Byrne.

Is Pea Protein Low FODMAP

Is Pea Protein Low FODMAP? Yes, But Not All Brands…

Protein powders are supplements that are designed to help people maximize gains, specifically muscle gains, and in recent years they’ve become popular with bodybuilders, athletes, and gym goers. Due to the popularity of protein powders there’s a range of different types on the market today. One protein option is pea protein, also referred to as …

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Does Pre-Workout Make You Stronger

Does Pre-Workout Make You Stronger? (Maybe…)

If you’re at all familiar with gym culture, you’ll know that every year, more people are relying on pre-workout supplements to help them hit their fitness goals.  The promises most pre-workout supplements make are certainly impressive: Increased focus, the energy you need to push through the hardest workouts, and most importantly, increases in strength.  But …

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