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Can You Dry Scoop Protein Powder

Can You Dry Scoop Protein Powder? (What Are the Dangers)

Tiktok is an excellent place for many things, but the most recent craze hitting the platform is dry scooping protein powder.

Fitness influencers started a new trend of dry scooping protein powder for entertainment purposes, but it has gone a bit too far. Influencing the younger generation to take part in this trend has become irresponsible and potentially dangerous.

We know in the fitness industry that you need to consume more protein in order to grow and maintain muscle; however, can you dry scoop protein powder and what are the benefits and risks?

In short, you shouldn’t dry scoop protein as it serves no benefit and the risks/drawbacks far outweigh any benefit that you’ll have from doing it.

What is Dry Scooping?

Dry scooping a supplement is where you consume a powder without mixing it with any water or liquids. Usually, a scoop is put directly into the mouth and then washed down with liquid – typically water or milk.

It has become a trend as (apparently) the supplement is meant to be absorbed into the system quicker, in turn, you’ll feel the effects faster. However, there is no scientific research to support that claim and this is even less relevant for supplements that don’t require fast absorption.

While the concept of drying scooping doesn’t sound inherently wrong, the supplements usually used to dry scoop like pre-workout have high levels of caffeine and other substances that can be dangerous in such high concentrations.

Can You Dry Scoop Protein Powder?

You can dry scoop protein powder, but it is not recommended as it has no health benefits. It is best consumed when mixed with water, milk or a smoothie. For maximum health benefit with minimal drawback you should consume protein powder mixed with a liquid and not dry scooped.

Dry scooping protein powder can be done for two reasons:

1) You simply don’t have access to a shaker. 

If you are in a rush and don’t have any way of mixing your protein with water people, have resulted in dry scooping. In that case, weigh out the right amount and make sure you don’t cough it up! However, we do not recommend this.

2) You are bulking and don’t want to fill your stomach with water weight. For example, dry scooping could be used if you need to make calories up at the end of the day but don’t want to fill your stomach with liquid. Again, we do not recommend this as it is not enjoyable or necessary.

Dry scooping protein powder is one of the most recent variations of this “dry scooping” trend. 

It can be dry scooped for convenience, but it is not better than mixing it with water. This is probably down to poor nutrition and poor planning. There are no benefits to dry scooping protein powder, and if anything, it is an ineffective way to consume protein powder.

Is Dry Scooping Protein Powder Bad for You?

Dry scooping protein powder is not necessarily bad for you, as most protein powders don’t contain any harmful substances. However, it is not advised as it adds no real benefit to your diet.

Unlike other substances such as pre-workout or creatine, where people dry scoop to absorb it faster into the system, protein powder does not have the same effect. Protein powder will not absorb faster into your system by dry scooping.

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What Are the Risks of Dry Scooping Protein Powder?

There is little risk to dry scooping protein powder, but the main one is the potential of choking on the small particles from the dry powder. This can be a particular risk to those with underlying lung conditions, such as asthma, as the risk of choking is heightened.

Even if you don’t end up choking initially, your throat is likely to be irritated after, and the leftover powder might linger in your mouth as it is hard to swallow without liquid. Also, you don’t want to be the one coughing in the gym!

Similarly, it is a waste! Due to the high possibility of you choking on the protein powder, you could also waste half the protein in the process.

The coughing will make you spit half of the product out of your mouth and not get the intended grams of protein. Not only that, it can be a waste of money if you are coughing up half of your protein!

You can’t really plan for how many grams you are going to cough up, so you might as well mix with a liquid for it to be the most effective.

What To Do Instead of Dry Scooping Protein Powder

There are several things you can do instead of dry scooping protein powder. As mentioned throughout the blog, the best way to consume protein powder is mixed with water or even milk.

However, below I have listed some fun alternative ways to get your protein in that don’t cause you to choke!

Add It to Oatmeal

Adding protein powder to porridge is one of the best ways to get your protein in. You can add any flavor, the best is probably unflavoured and you will not even know it is there!

It can be bland when drinking protein shakes all the time, especially in a bulk. Adding protein powder to your porridge in the morning helps eliminate two birds with one stone. Not only are you getting in some good carbs for breakfast you are also topping up your protein intake.

You can top your porridge with anything you like. Add sugar-free syrup to keep it simple, or top with berries and cacao nibs for something a bit fancier!

Add It to a Smoothie

Adding protein to a smoothie again is a great and easy way to get your protein in.

This is a perfect way to get protein in quickly and stay on top of your macros in the summer. Clear whey by Myprotein for example is great in fruit smoothies as it comes in a range of fruit flavors.

A smoothie is great for a cut in summer as you can fill it with lots of high-volume fruits and veg. Clear whey is the perfect protein to go with it as it usually comes in around 88 calories per 20g!

Make It into Brownies or Flapjacks.

For those who constantly crave something sweet, a protein brownie or flapjack is a great way to combine a treat as well as upping your protein!

Usually, brownies and flapjacks are full of sugar and not great for a healthy and balanced diet. However, when added with protein, it helps to balance it out. If you are looking for ways to incorporate more protein into your diet, trying to add it to a part of every meal is an excellent way to start, even your treats!

Find any good brownie recipe and just add protein. It is a no brainer, really!

Make Protein Pancakes

Another great breakfast option or dessert! You can find some amazing pre-mixed protein mixes that are so simple and easy to make. You just add water, mix and add to a pan.

Check this out as an example

Protein pancakes are usually low in protein and high in carbs, so they are not great for macros. However, adding protein can help transform the meal into high protein and high carb.

Top with berries and sugar-free syrup!

Add it to Yogurt Bowls

Similar to the smoothie, you can add it to your yogurt bowls. 0% Greek yogurt is great for a snack topped with berries or granola. Why not add a scoop of your favorite protein to the bowl and get in the extra grams of protein.

This is something I’ll do for a post workout treat when cutting. It’s a low carb, low fat, low calorie “dessert” with favorable macros. It also mixes surprisingly well like below:

This can sometimes taste a bit odd, so adding flavor drops or an equivalent can help mask the protein powder taste.

Final Thoughts

Dry scooping protein powder is not bad for you but probably is not the most enjoyable way to consume protein.

It has the same results as drinking it with water or milk. However, you might end up wasting grams by coughing it up or spitting it out. Imagine trying to swallow 20+ grams of protein powder dry; it doesn’t sound appealing, right?

Dry scooping is a trend that has caused significant damage when used with other supplements. We don’t recommend it with protein powder as it is a waste of your supply.

There is no one best way to consume protein, only the way you feel most comfortable. Whether that’s drinking it with water or baking it into a brownie, we recommend consuming it in the most enjoyable way for you.

At the end of the day, protein is not the most enjoyable substance. Still, there are certainly better and tastier ways to consume it than dry scooping.

To save you time, money, and potentially your health – we recommend not dry scooping protein powder.